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Renée Solomon, a journalist-turned-jewelry designer, is the creative artist behind the jewelry line Solomon Strands. It is a striking, bold, sophisticated collection of handcrafted designs, all of which are one-of-a-kind pieces, that transcend seasons and trends. For the Jamaican designer based in Florida, there’s great satisfaction in working with her hands. To communicate a unique visual message with the potential to inform and excite others, gives a heightened sense of value to the creative process. It’s not just jewelry.

Each piece Renée creates tells a story. The wearer finishes the story by selecting a piece that reflects their individual taste and personality. She designs and meticulously crafts each necklace, bracelet and earring as a work of art, meant to complement character, beauty and elegance.

Working within the ethos of authenticity - using quality gemstones and unusual materials sourced from around the world - she hand selects each gemstone. The jewelry often combines contrasting and unexpected colors and shapes punctuated with a distinctive design. Wearers share with her their satisfaction in knowing that no one else can own anything like their one of a kind. Solomon Strands’ jewelry offers an alternative to mass-produced, cookie cutter jewelry. 

Always fascinated with the natural world, nature informs Renée’s creations - from the kaleidoscope of shapes and color patterns found in butterflies, fish and flowers. Artistic inspiration also comes from her world travels and the eclectic Caribbean art that has always surrounded her. 

She is a keen observer and listener, and relies heavily on these attributes when engaging with others, and pays special attention to people’s needs and wants. Prior to becoming an accomplished jewelry designer and entrepreneur specializing in the creation of exceptional pieces, she spent more than a decade working as a reporter and freelance writer. She earned a bachelor's degree in sociology from Occidental College and received a master's degree in journalism from the University of Miami. She also graduated from Miami Ad School Europe. 

Today, she combines her artistic and sound communication skills not only to translate clients’ ideas into original works of wearable art for specific occasions; but also to produce and market bespoke pieces to meet the demands of clientele who understand the value of craftsmanship and special creations. 

During the creative process, she thinks of some of the expressive, remarkable, mindful women she’s encountered, finding elements tailored to suit their traits - and to suit her imagination. Beginning any elaborate piece is not unlike gathering information for a news story. In both fields, she’s found, it’s about inciting conversations.